Rules of the Wexford & District Schoolboys League


a. The League shall be known as “Wexford & District Schoolboys League”, hereinafter referred to as “the League” and where appropriate shall be deemed to be the Committee.

b. Subject to (a) above the Committee may include the name of a sponsor in the title.

c. The “Wexford & District Schoolboys League” shall come under the umbrella of the “The Wexford & District Schoolboys/Girls League” which will be made up of 3/4 members of the “Wexford & District Schoolboys League” and the “Wexford & District Schoolgirls League”


The objectives of the League shall be to promote the game of Association Football through the setting up and playing of fixtures and competitions for teams up to and including the age of sixteen (16) years of age for boys and girls, girls may play on boys teams in accordance with the current rules of the SFAI.

25/09/2020 10:57